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 The Nordica Enforcer 88 offers up a whole new waist width for hardpack and groomer junkies. Unlike its predecessors in the enforcer collection, the Enforcer 88 has vibration dampening tips making it the lightest and quietest enforcer yet. It’s the ninja of Enforcers- you don’t see it coming until it’s right on top of you. We brought in the 88 because of our proximity to Killington Resort and the ever so frequent “Ice Coast” conditions. The Enforcer 88 is going to be happier on firmer conditions. It’s slightly wider than the navigator and more stable in the crud. All the goodies are incorporated into the Enforcer 88 too. Things like Performance Wood Core, Two sheets of Titanal, and the ABS Sidewall all exist in this ski. If you’re in love with the enforcer but wish there was a more manageable option this is the one. Gotta catch them all.