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100% freestyle orientated binding which has been a favourite amongst professional snowboarders season after season thanks to the Malvita’s ability to do anything- anywhere. The Malvita boasts many tech-rich features such as the Heel Hammock hi-back which wraps the heel with a reinforced rubbery material which allows riders to run the bindings a little looser without losing any response or power. Across the ankle the Asym Hammockstrap™ features the same rubbery material as the Heel Hammock and a reinforced spine which runs across the ankle, allowing the rider to adjust the ankle for increased freedom or more power and support.

The baseplate is covered heel to toe with the AutoCANT SensoryBED™ cushioning system which automatically settles the boot into the most natural position regardless of your stance width or angles for improved comfort to keep you lapping the park until sunset without developing any funny aches or pains.

If you’re a park rat, this binding is for you.


Key Features:

Single piece baseplate construction- you won’t break this thing in a hurry

Asym Hammockstrap™ around the ankle

Supergrip Catstrap™ around the toes

Insta-click buckles

AutoCANT fullBED


Freestyle orientated

Intermediate to advanced rider abilities

Compatible with all major binding mounting systems