Don't trust your expensive equipment to anyone but Ski Pro Shop. 


We can handle any type of repair, big or small - our expert technicians have the skills to get you back in the game!  But what sets Ski Pro Shop apart from the pack is our experience. 


Experience lets us cut through the fluff and get to the real solution.  We will never learn on your equipment!


We're also your expert source for tips on how to get the most out of the gear you've already got.

Ski or Snowboard Tune-up - $44.95

If we can offer one piece of advice - its to tune your equipment at least annually.  You can't drive your car on bald tires or with no oil - the same goes for your skis and boards.  A dried-out base and dull edges just won't give you the performance you need to enjoy your day on the hill.


Any pair of skis or a snowboard will perform at its best after it sees a Ski Pro Shop tune-up.  The bases will be repaired, expertly ground using the best equipment and the edges sharpened to the perfect angle.  A good coat of wax then gives you the prepared running surface you need for a great day on the slopes or in the park.